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Magnet Schools and Programs in APS

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It is critically important for our students to have more real-world experiences at school, where they can learn in a dynamic setting with an academic focus that fosters life skills. Blueprint APS provides students the opportunity to choose schools based on their interests. Each region will offer a specialized area of learning and a magnet school or magnet program that any student from across the district can choose to attend.

What is a magnet school or magnet program?

Magnet schools and magnet programs have a special academic focus or program. They are ideal for students with interest in a particular area of study or way of learning. Magnet schools and programs do not typically serve students from one area, but rather draw students like magnets from many different boundaries.  Students who attend magnet schools or programs are specifically interested in that academic subject area or the way that learning happens at that school. 

Unlike a magnet school, a boundary school is a typical neighborhood school. Each region will have its own boundary schools, offering traditional curriculum for students who choose not to attend a magnet school. Boundary schools will have the opportunity to use their regional specializations to provide students with more real-world learning opportunities and experiences. 

Blueprint APS Specializations & Magnet Schools / Magnet Programs

We are continuing to implement Blueprint APS, our long-term education and facilities plan.  Blueprint APS has always been based on community voice, community need, and community choice. Our community-driven process started in 2017 with thousands of community members providing input through interviews, focus groups, town halls, surveys and Board member-led community meetings. We followed a multi-phased approach to ensure that students have the educational opportunities and facilities to shape successful futures. 

As we have shared previously, Blueprint APS focuses on providing strong college and career choice options through seven regional specializations across the district. By establishing regional specializations, we will increase opportunities for students to be engaged and learn in new and exciting ways. 

A specialization within a region includes a unique focus on content or instructional delivery that provides students with engaging, relevant and rigorous educational opportunities. Each region will offer a district-managed magnet school or program. In order to achieve this, we must repurpose buildings throughout the district. These magnet schools and programs will support students to be more engaged in learning and develop unique skill sets.