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About Magnet Schools and Programs in APS

One Health

Business Management & Hospitatlity

Visual & Performing Arts

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM)

Technology, Engineering, and Design

Entrepreneurship and Invention

Project-based Learning

How Were the Seven Regions and Specializations Determined for Magnet School and Programs in APS?

  • Aurora community members voiced strong support for more college and career choice options that allow students to be engaged, learn and grow in new ways.

  • It is critically important for students to have more real world experiences at school that make learning exciting and engaging and that foster unique skill sets. Blueprint APS provides these new choice options through a regional system that offers specializations and a magnet school or program within each region.

  • As such, each region will have at least one magnet school or program that focuses on its particular specialization.

  • Regions were also developed to incorporate current elementary school attendance areas and align with established geographic features such as major roads and neighborhoods.

  • A high priority was made to keep elementary schools within reasonable proximity in order to provide more viable options for school choice.

  • We wanted the regions to have similar school-age populations. Again, this was not adhered to perfectly, but planning areas have similar numbers as much as possible. Thus, one region is not serving a much higher number of students than another region.

Blueprint APS Regional Specializations

  1. One Health: Examines the interconnection between people, animals, plants and their shared environment to achieve optimal health outcomes by studying multiple disciplines and promoting collaboration across sectors (e.g. human healthcare, animal healthcare, environmental science, policymakers, etc.)

  2. Business Management and Hospitality: Focus on the hospitality industry and businesses such as restaurants, lodging, travel and events

  3. Visual and Performing Arts: Art and art-related disciplines, from dance to theater, music to visual arts

  4. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM): Students will use these disciplines to engage their studies through inquiry, critical thinking and investigation

  5. Technology, Engineering, and Design: Gain 21st Century communication and design skills studying languages, technologies, sciences and engineering

  6. Entrepreneurship and Invention: Focus is on learning through investigation and response to engaging and complex questions or challenges

  7. Project-based Learning: An engaging curriculum to gain understanding and skills through investigation and experiences with hands-on, case-based studies

Blueprint APS Regions