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Magnet School / Program Application Process

Apply below for either the Clara Brown Entrepreneurial Academy K-8, Charles Burrell Visual & Performing Arts K-12 Campus or the ConstrucTECH Program beginning Jan. 15 and lasting through Feb. 23.

Please read through the following application process steps FIRST before launching the application form link found below.

The Magnet School/Program Application Process allows families from Aurora to apply to a school other than their boundary school. Families who live outside of Aurora can also apply. There are different criteria for each magnet school or program, so please be sure to read the school’s website carefully. A magnet school or program may conduct a lottery or hold an interview or performance task. Please note that magnet schools or programs are part of APS and are not considered charter schools.  Please know that you may qualify for district-led transportation if you live within APS boundaries. 

 Application Steps

Selection Process

Think carefully about your decision to apply to a magnet school/program. Once the selection is made (if families are deciding between two schools), changes are not guaranteed, so please choose carefully. The school will contact families directly when a seat becomes available to a student who is on the waitlist. Waitlists are purged on a yearly basis when the next year’s application process begins. 

If you have any questions regarding the application steps or process, please contact the following: 

Please note: If an out of district applicant gets accepted into one of the APS magnet schools or programs, you will be sent an email with a link to register your student with Aurora Public Schools.

Blueprint APS Magnet Schools Online Student Application